Attach Files on Memo Box

Attach files while generating documents for inventory transactions.

Attach Files on Memo Box

We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our memo functionality: the file attachment feature. This convenient feature allows you to effortlessly attach relevant files to memos while generating receipts, purchase orders, and other documents on BoxHero. If you are currently subscribed to a business plan, you can begin utilizing this feature immediately. The file attachment option is accessible in the following menus:

  • Stock In/Stock Out/Adjust/Move
  • Purchase Orders/Sales Orders
  • Check & Stock In/Check & Stock Out

The file attachment feature has been seamlessly incorporated into the memo function.

Current Version of Memo Box on BoxHero
Updated Version of Memo Box on BoxHero

In the updated memo box, you can easily attach files by dragging and dropping, pasting, or selecting them from your PC using the file selector located in the gray description area.

To access the attached files, simply click on the links provided on the detailed page of the respective Purchase Order or Sales Order.


Please feel free to attach any required files, but note that file uploads are limited to a maximum size of 10MB.

We greatly appreciate genuine customer feedback, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of this new feature. Thank you.😀

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