BoxHero at Smart Retail Tech Exhibition 2023 in London

Boxhero participated in the Smart Retail Tech Expo in London, UK. The event provided an opportunity for Boxhero to network with industry professionals, showcase its inventory management solution, and receive valuable feedback.

BoxHero at Smart Retail Tech Exhibition 2023 in London

Boxhero participated in the Smart Retail Tech Expo held in the UK on February 28th and March 1st! The exhibition provided Boxhero with an opportunity to network with diverse industry professionals and stakeholders, accelerating the company's momentum in retail innovation.

The exterior of ExCeL London

ExCeL London is the venue that hosted the Smart Retail Tech Expo and numerous other popular events, including trade shows, conventions, and concerts. With a massive floor space of over twice the size of the Las Vegas Convention Center (200,000 sq mt.), ExCeL London (100,000 sq mt.) offers a diverse range of facilities, such as exhibition halls, convention centers, and performance venues. Boxhero team arrived with excitement at this renowned location in the UK.

Amazon's booth at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

The Smart Retail Tech Expo is a significant retail industry event, with over 200 companies providing retail tech services and more than 3,000 retail industry professionals in attendance. The event aims to explore ways to improve customer experiences and drive towards "New Retail." Organizations of all sizes related to retail tech, including Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, set up booths and welcomed potential customers.

A keynote speaker delivering a speech at the event venue

Throughout the event venue, it was easy to find over 100 industry-leading speakers sharing their insights and visions. The insights of companies such as Google and Nike, who are setting new standards for the retail industry by bridging the gap between online and offline, were valuable stories that could not be heard anywhere else. Entrepreneurs and industry professionals were able to network with seasoned speakers and veterans at the event, gaining valuable insights and expanding their professional network.

The expansive size of the Smart Retail Tech Expo, with other booths visible in the background

The BoxHero team was excited to have the chance to explore the UK, which is home to the fifth-largest retail market in the world. With an annual revenue of approximately £3,800 billion (around $5,000 billion), this market contributes roughly 20% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, the UK retail market is continuously evolving with an increase in online sales. Attending the Smart Retail Tech Expo was an excellent opportunity for BoxHero team to witness these changes and the competitive environment in one location.

The fully completed BoxHero booth

As part of its efforts to expand globally, BoxHero attended this exhibition to assess the competitiveness of its products and gain firsthand insights from prospective global customers. The booth was meticulously prepared to welcome potential customers, featuring the company's signature color "blue," which conveys trust and vision.

Bustling booth with lot of visitors

The BoxHero booth was a huge success throughout the exhibition period with a high level of interest and engagement from visitors. Of particular note were the many attendees who showed keen interest in the BoxHero solution, which simplifies the implementation of a barcode system. Visitors actively engaged with the solution, watching promotional videos and generating, scanning, or printing barcodes directly on the demo desk. The BoxHero team provided tailored consulting sessions for business owners with inventory management needs, highlighting how the BoxHero app can be the solution to their problems. The team also demonstrated various inventory management scenarios, including how to track inbound and outbound inventory effectively and analyze related data to make informed business decisions.

BoxHero team members conducting a demo for the booth visitor

The visitors experienced the BoxHero solution at the demo desk, praising its simple UX that focuses only on essential features for inventory management, unlike the other competitor's solutions. BoxHero's modern, simplified UI/UX has allowed those who encountered BoxHero for the first time on-site to quickly learn how to use it with just a few clicks. Consequently, small business owners who are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable inventory management solution have shown great interest.

BoxHero team members conducting a demo for the booth visitor

The amount of interest generated was so significant that there was an overwhelming influx of inquiries from potential customers. Every member of the BoxHero team proactively communicated with these prospects. Among the attendees were professionals from diverse industries such as automobile, event planning, warehousing, and e-commerce. BoxHero's solution received positive feedback for its adaptability to cater to each company's unique situation.

A team member sitting at a table, explaining BoxHero to the booth visitor

BoxHero received a wide range of feedback from visitors beyond solution inquiries. Manufacturers suggested adding a BOM (Bill of Materials) function to manage raw material and component quantities in the app, while e-commerce owners requested integration functions for various e-commerce platforms. The team carefully listened to customer feedback and plans to incorporate their input into the solution in the near future.

A visitor scanning the QR code to download the BoxHero app

Many attendees at the booth scanned the QR code to download the BoxHero mobile app and try it out for themselves. The app received favorable feedback from users, who noted its mobile-friendliness and ability to provide swift responses to on-site situations.

A female attendee participating in the BoxHero' roulette event

The BoxHero team showed their appreciation for booth visitors who downloaded the mobile app by arranging a roulette event with a top prize of 30 GBP worth of the largest e-commerce platform's gift card. This event was well-received by all visitors and helped to surpass 300 downloads of the BoxHero mobile app during the exhibition period.

BoxHero team members taking a photo with the booth in the background

BoxHero demonstrated its true value at the Smart Retail Tech Expo in London, UK. This was a momentous occasion for the company to present BoxHero directly to international retail professionals and be acknowledged for its efforts in creating a simple and efficient inventory management solution. The feedback received during the exhibition will pave the way for BoxHero to continue its development. We would like to express our appreciation to all the visitors who stopped by the BoxHero booth. Thank you!