Empowering Small Businesses: A Success Story with SW Laser Creations

Empowering Small Businesses: A Success Story with SW Laser Creations

At SW Laser Creations, passion meets precision. Founded in 2021 by Victor and his team, SW Laser began as a laser engraving venture but quickly evolved into a multifaceted business, specializing in laser engraving, custom shirts, and more. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, SW Laser Creations has become a beacon of innovation and creativity in the world of personalized products.

SW Laser Team with Custom Orders for Christmas Season
SW Laser Team with Custom Orders

Discovering BoxHero: A Game-Changer for Inventory Management

Victor, one of the co-owners of SW Laser Creations, understands the critical importance of efficient inventory management in sustaining and growing a business. With a diverse range of products, including shirts, cutting boards, slate, and tumblers, keeping track of inventory was no small feat for the team.

Before integrating BoxHero into their operations, managing inventory was a cumbersome process. Victor recalls their attempts with Excel and a custom access database, but none proved to be as efficient as they had hoped.

Q: How were you managing inventory before adopting BoxHero?
A: We weren't. We attempted to use Excel at one point - it wasn’t very easy to keep track of everything. Things weren’t working out. I built an access database, which keeps control of all our orders and that just ended up being too time consuming for us. So we were looking for something that was going to be a lot easier, which was BoxHero. We had barcodes, and wanted to be able to scan our barcodes, and just know where everything is at any given time. It was for the ease of access - there’s a lot of products that come in and out of this business that we need to keep track of. 

Employee Stressed from Manual Tracking

Frustrated by the lack of a streamlined solution, Victor turned to Google in search of an inventory management system that would meet their needs. After exploring various options, BoxHero emerged as the clear choice for SW Laser Creations. Victor was drawn to BoxHero's user-friendly interface, affordability, and essential features like barcode creation and real-time tracking.

"We just put in 'inventory management' on Google and tried multiple softwares and we ended up finding BoxHero to be the one that was best priced and had the best ease of access for us. The other apps were way too expensive. BoxHero gave us the ability to create the barcodes and run every port to show what items were closely out of stock."
BoxHero UI: Stock Out Items from Inventory
BoxHero UI: Stock Out Items from Inventory

Seamless Integration and Key Features

BoxHero seamlessly integrated into SW Laser's workflow, offering a range of features that revolutionized their inventory management processes.

Q: What are some of your most used features on BoxHero?
A: The Stock In / Stock Out feature. When we buy something from our vendors, we’ll do a purchase order that comes in. When that comes in, we do a stock receiving and label everything and put it in. So that’s amazing. We can check everything that’s coming in to make sure everything’s right because when you’re buying from a wholesaler, all your products may not be there. The Stock Out feature works excellent when we’re doing one-offs or multiple things. I could come back in the workshop, scan that barcode, click a stock out, and the inventory is up-to-date all the time.  

 Victor also highlights the convenience of mobile accessibility, allowing the team to access inventory data on the go, ensuring they always have crucial information at their fingertips.

"When we’re out and about and someone’s like, “Hey, do you have this [product] we can look at?” BoxHero is web-based and I can have the inventory info on-the-go."

With BoxHero, SW Laser Creations has achieved greater visibility and control over their inventory, ensuring they never run out of essential supplies or overspend on unnecessary stock.

Driving Efficiency and Growth

For Victor and the team at SW Laser Creations, BoxHero has been more than just an inventory management tool—it's been a catalyst for growth and success. By streamlining their operations and providing valuable insights into their inventory, BoxHero has empowered SW Laser Creations to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional products and service to their customers.

Q: How did BoxHero improve the way you manage your inventory?
A: We've gone as far as keeping our shipping supplies in inventory, and everything is all streamlined. So when the end of the month comes and I get the report, I'm like, 'Okay, we need to order x bags this month, we need to do this.' BoxHero came in excellent for us where we're not running out of supplies anymore.

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By investing in innovative solutions like BoxHero, businesses like SW Laser Creations can unlock their full potential, streamline operations, and pave the way for sustainable growth and success.

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