Enhanced Customization Options for Inventory Links!

Enhanced Customization Options for Inventory Links!

Our inventory links have been enhanced to better meet your specific business requirements!

Thanks to valuable customer feedback, we've included two additional customization options for setting up inventory links.

If you are new to the Inventory Link feature, please refer to the following articles:
• "Share the Inventory Link with Your Trading Partners!" Link
• "Securely Sharing Inventory Information: Introducing Inventory Link Feature" Link

With this update, you can now:

  • Display inventory information for specific locations only.
  • Completely conceal inventory quantities.

Display Inventory Info for Specific Locations

Displaying Inventory Info for Specific Locations Only

When set to the default value of All Locations,  the inventory quantities for all locations will be displayed in the inventory link. We have added a new section to select Location to the inventory link settings. You can disclose the inventory quantities for the specific location(s) through the inventory link by selecting the location(s).

Conceal the Current Inventory Level

Concealing Inventory Quantities

Another new option  Not Specfied is added to the Quantity section.

You can use this option to not disclose the current inventory level.

These updates provide you with more flexibility and control over your inventory link settings. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback, questions, or concerns. 😀
🔹Email: support+boxhero@bgpworks.com

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