Replace Warehouse PDA With BoxHero App

Replace Warehouse PDA With BoxHero App

BoxHero provides a platform that allows you to manage your inventory anytime, anywhere, across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The BoxHero mobile app, specifically made for tablets and smartphones, is a great tool to help you manage your inventory from anywhere. Let's take a look at the UX/UI of the BoxHero app and see how you can start using BoxHero to monitor your inventory in real-time!

You can download the BoxHero mobile app from the App Store or the Play Store

4 Features of the BoxHero Mobile App

The BoxHero mobile app integrates seamlessly with the web and desktop apps. Everything you record through the app is stored in the cloud in real-time, so it's like having a personal digital assistant (PDA) for warehouses with you. Here are some key features of the BoxHero mobile app.

Intuitive transaction view

The first screen of the mobile app is a dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance view of your inventory status. It reflects today's and yesterday's total inventory count, receipts, and shipments recorded in the system in real time. You can also filter the item list to see a visualized inventory history by attribute. This real-time, visualized inventory information helps you make fast, flexible decisions.

Transaction view from BoxHero mobile app.

Scan barcodes and QR codes

The BoxHero mobile app uses your smartphone's camera as a barcode scanner so that you can scan barcodes as well as QR codes. If you have a Bluetooth scanner, you can connect it to BoxHero and the app. If you're having trouble scanning a barcode, you can enter the barcode digits manually. The BoxHero app also allows you to take inventory using these barcode and QR code scanning capabilities, which is a process where you pull out all of your products and verify that your computerized inventory matches your physical inventory.


Quickly find inventory information for a specific product by entering text or scanning a barcode. Search using keywords like product name, barcode, attributes, and more to find what you're looking for, no matter how many products you have listed. BoxHero's powerful search feature is great for the field, where you need to quickly check the availability of a specific product. If you don't see what you're looking for in the product list, you can register the product directly from the mobile app.


Low stock notifications

Low inventory can lead to late deliveries, out-of-stocks, and unhappy customers. With the BoxHero mobile app, you don't have to worry about running out of stock, because you can get low stock alerts anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. Low stock alerts happen when your total inventory of a product drops below the level you set as your safety stock.

Safety stock alert on BoxHero mobile app.

BoxHero Mobile App UX/UI Preview

The BoxHero mobile app is organized into four tabs: Home, Items, Transactions, and Settings. The Home tab is a shortcut to the main features of the mobile app. The Items and Transactions tabs allow you to run the core functionality of BoxHero: inventory management. The Settings tab allows you to set up your team to use the BoxHero solution. Learn more about what each tab has to offer below!

Home tab

  • Today and yesterday's Inventory
  • Search for items via text
  • Search for items by scanning a barcode
  • Registering items
  • Stock-in
  • Stock-out
  • Adjust
  • Checking for out-of-stock products
  • Taking inventory with scans
  • Adding members to my team
  • Look up historical item quantities
Home tab on BoxHero mobile app.
You can change the order of the features or remove unused features from the shortcut by tapping + More at the bottom of the Home tab.

Items Tab

  • Item search via text
  • Item search via barcode scan
  • Sorting Items
  • Item registration/edit/deletion
  • Item specific stock in/out
Items tab on BoxHero mobile app.

Transactions Tab

  • Transaction (Stock in, stock out, adjustments) registration/edit/deletion
  • Viewing drafts for stock in/out
  • Setting filters
  • Check transaction history
Transactions tab on BoxHero mobile app.

Settings Tab

  • User settings (name, language, etc.)
  • Change team
  • Team settings (name, memo, time zone, currency, member, role settings) 
  • Invite members
  • Add item attributes
  • Display format for attributes
  • Partner registration/edit/deletion
Settings tab on BoxHero mobile app.

Web-only features

BoxHero Web offers even more features to help you manage your inventory. Utilize BoxHero Web and the mobile app together for even more efficient logistics management! Here are some of the features that are only available on BoxHero Web.

  • Barcode generation and printing
  • Purchase & Sales
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Inventory link
  • Bundle items registration/edit/deletion
Purchases view on BoxHero web app.

With intuitive dashboards and filtering for real-time inventory visibility, quick search by scanning barcodes/QR codes, and push notifications when you're low on stock, you can practice quick and easy inventory management anytime, anywhere! Try all of BoxHero's features and mobile app for free with no hassle by pressing the button below.

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