“Simplicity” - Focus Labs finds convenience through BoxHero

“Simplicity” - Focus Labs finds convenience through BoxHero

Today’s interview highlight is with Focus Labs, a microbiology laboratory that conducts contract testing on everything except food. From creams and makeup to paintballs and even medical devices used in surgeries, Focus Labs conducts testing to make sure all materials follow regulatory compliance and are safe for use. With headquarters in Pennsylvania and a location in Florida, Focus Laboratories strives for technical competency, compliance, and maintains consistent improvements in their service to customers. We sat down with Sarah, Office Manager of Focus Labs, who gave us a brief introduction of her company and her experiences with BoxHero that changed how they control inventory.

Before BoxHero

Prior to BoxHero, the majority of inventory management was done via Excel. With some limitations on categorizing vendors, finding constant prices on certain products, and organizing physical warehouse inventory, there was a limit to how much Excel could help them. It was not until Chris, one of Focus Lab’s lab technicians, introduced BoxHero to the team.

Simplicity has totally changed how we managed our inventory

Product Details in BoxHero's portal
Additional details of each product description

BoxHero’s User friendly functions help organize and locate their inventory, allocating extras stock between the two sites. For example, a box of pipette in the Florida lab that is sitting on the shelf can be sent to the Pennsylvania team instead of buying a new set. Along with labeling and additional details of each product description, the app helps with managing the lab’s inventory easier and more efficiently.

Convenience of Purchase Orders

Save Drafts for Purchase Orders and Stock In platform on BoxHero
Easily draft a Purchase Order

The new Purchase Order functions are quite convenient when it comes to ordering new products. Now, when their team needs to order items, members can easily draft a Purchase Order within the app and send it off to the manager for approval. Adding notes with Purchase order numbers also gives the team visibility on what orders came in and which ones are still in progress.

Additional convenient features that Sarah mentioned includes:• Managing multiple teams and locations• Uploading via Excel Sheets• Adding team members to work collectively• Barcoding

Even their accounting team can check received products through reports and provide audits when necessary! BoxHero's convenience fits all teams!

If you are in need of efficient, accurate, uncompromising contract testing services with world class customer service, please check out Focus Laboratories today!

If your team is still debating using an inventory management app, try BoxHero today and see how the app can help your company control your stock easily!

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