"Easily identify what ingredients you're missing easily." - TôiTỏi talks about inventory management

"Easily identify what ingredients you're missing easily." - TôiTỏi talks about inventory management

In South Korea, TôiTỏi is a popularly known restaurant to patrons who seek to satisfy their Vietnamese food cravings. Originally founded in the Itaewon district of Seoul, TôiTỏi now manages branches in many neighborhoods and department stores all over the country. Roughly translated as ‘I Garlic’ (Tôi is I, Tỏi is Garlic), TôiTỏi believes in always using essential ingredients, like garlic, in all of their authentic dishes. Under the management of Byeolcook, Inc., TôiTỏi’s restaurants receives an annual sales of 5 Billion Won combined from all of their restaurants in Seoul, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, Daegu, and Busan. They sat down for an interview with BoxHero to talk about how the app has helped manage their inventory.


TôiTỏi picture of pho, chili, garlic, cilantro and green onions.
TôiTỏi is a Seoul favorite for Vietnamese food!

Hello! Byelocook, Inc. here and we manage ingredients and materials needed for our restaurant, TôiTỏi, using BoxHero. Most of the ingredients and materials are received through large distributors while the more unique products are directly sourced. BoxHero has made it easy for us to self-management our inventory directly from the office!

What motivated you to start using BoxHero?

Initially, we did not need any Inventory Management software to run the business. As our business grew little by little, we became more involved with distribution which led to the need for an inventory management program. As we are planning to add other brands and affiliations with different businesses, we needed to find a more efficient business process.

What was the decisive reason for choosing to use BoxHero?

History and stock in features from BoxHero
All of the convenient inventory management tools at your fingertips!

I needed an inventory management system that was smartphone enabled, so I looked for various inventory management programs that had mobile support. Among the programs that can be used on both Web and mobile devices, we chose BoxHero because it was the most intuitively explained program. As intuitive as it is, BoxHero was so convenient to use that first time users can easily access the menus for product registration, stock in and out, and shipping.

If you could pick out the BoxHero feature that you are most satisfied with, what would it be?

• History Function

History feature in BoxHero
History feature lets you find the exact day of Stock In/Out!

We do use BoxHero for overall inventory management and find it really useful to be able to check inventory history intervals by weeks and months. If something went wrong during the delivery process, by going into the history feature, we can quickly identify missing products to sort out with vendors.

BoxHero History FunctionYou can set the desired period and check the history at a glance!

• Member and permission settings

Member Role menu in BoxHero
Adjust Member roles as you see fit!

Another useful feature was the permissions feature for each employee. Earlier, I had allowed all employees to make inventory corrections in the app but ended up with difficulties to track since the inventory amount was constantly being revised. By setting specific members different roles, it became much easier to view and correct if any issues occur. I am satisfied with the fact that the problem areas have been significantly reduced since permission settings were enabled.

In addition, importing and exporting Excel files for records is quite useful since a lot of my inventory details are already on Excel. I also thought the History search feature for comparing current and past stocks was neat since other programs do not allow you to do that.

Is there a function that you are really satisfied with?

•Transaction statement function

Invoice statement in BoxHero
Create statements of transaction like invoices and Purchase orders in BoxHero!

If I had to pick just one feature in BoxHero, it is the statement of transactions. A Sales and Purchase Orders are necessary for proof when exchanging money is involved. BoxHero allows you to print statements of transactions for any of your sales history right away! Using the statement as an official document is also useful too!

What is the Web and app usage ratio?

Since I need to print statements, the ratio of web to app usage is about 50/50. Usually, all branch employees only use the BoxHero mobile app.

Do you have any final words about BoxHero?

What I felt about BoxHero is that the program is built for users who really need inventory management. It seems that the app was built and refined for the best experience use rather than for making money. It is a well built program that I recommend to all of my acquaintances who run businesses. Even though I am effectively using the app, I am looking forward to seeing what new features are coming in the future.

Along with restaurants, find out how BoxHero can help your business!

  • ✔ Check reordering status from the 'Analysis' menu.
  • 🔎Identifying products with 'Low Stock' status and plan reorders
  • ║▌Generate, scan, and print Barcodes all in one system.
  • 🧾 Easily create Purchase Orders, invoice statements, and sales analytics.
  • ☁ BoxHero is a cloud-based inventory management system that allows you to create and share transactions with your team anytime, anywhere.

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