“With BoxHero, I can now manage both online and offline clothing inventory with ease.”

“With BoxHero, I can now manage both online and offline clothing inventory with ease.”

Here's an interview with Jaehwan Ahn, who is in charge of inventory management at Berti, a leading clothing brand that operates both online and offline stores!‎

"Before BoxHero, Inventory control was a frustrating job."

Q. How did you manage inventory before using BoxHero?

Before I joined the team, it was done manually. I was using Excel and found it difficult to add images to Excel files. I found it frustrating since I wanted to manage each item with image attachments as we had lots of items to manage, and concluded that inventory management using Excel was not a viable option. We had too many stores to manage and I needed an app that synchronized all our stock real-time.

I shopped around, trying to find the best alternative, got to know BoxHero, and have been using it thus far. Looking for a convenient program I can use on a daily basis, I found BoxHero to be a perfect fit.

Berti, a leading clothing brand.
Berti, a leading clothing brand

Q. Did you not consider adopting other inventory management programs?

As a matter of fact, looking around, ERP appeared to be an option. But the program had too many different features, even though it allowed customization, I found the price too high. Also, it wasn’t quite the right scale for our company. We had already laid out our own way of managing things, and just needed a simple aid for inventory management.

"Easy to use, real-time inventory control, and mobile access were the key factors that made me choose BoxHero."

Q. What were the reasons for choosing BoxHero?

‎First of all, BoxHero was easy to use and intuitive. Personally, I don't like complication, and it was a program I would use every day. I was looking for something as convenient to use as possible, and BoxHero was a good fit.‎

‎In addition, the fact that we could use both mobile and web at the same time played a big role in the decision, and the price was very reasonable.With BoxHero, it is possible to track real-time inventory whenever, wherever now.

Q. What is the biggest difference made after adopting BoxHero for inventory management?

Check the real-time inventory.
Check the real-time inventory

The biggest change is that now it is possible to manage inventory with accuracy and ease. Previously, when there was an inquiry on inventory from a client account, we had to manually count the products, but now we can check the real-time inventory using BoxHero App anytime, anywhere.

"Attribute setting is a great feature. We can quickly sort and identify items that need to be sold first."

Q. How do you currently use BoxHero?

Set the product’s 'Category'
Set the product’s 'Category'

At the beginning, BoxHero helped us import all the previous excel files and jumpstart without difficulties. Whenever I register a new item, I set the product’s “Attribute” which is a really cool feature, because it lets me check real-time inventory of an item by location, size, color, and etc. We can quickly sort and identify items that need to be sold first.‎

Currently, I am in charge of the overall management, and other team members use BoxHero to track the real-time inventory. In the office, I mainly log on to BoxHero web to update the in & outs, but my coworkers who are in the stores use their phones to check the inventory.

Q. What do you think are the most useful functions of BoxHero?

Lat week's anaysis report
Lat week's anaysis report

When you register a new item from the mobile app, you can just take a picture and add it to the product list directly, which I found very user-friendly. Once registered, it is very convenient to manage the product image when checking or processing orders on the product. The report feature is also very handy. Whenever I report to the CEO, I simply use the weekly reports that BoxHero sends every Monday.

Just like Berti, if your business is growing and you need to manage your inventory from different locations and you need your team to be on top of everything, BoxHero is the right solution.

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