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BoxHero provides reasonable pricing for small to medium-sized businesses.
In a wish to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering the Single Plan for free!
We are also still in an offer to provide a 30-days free trial for Business Plan, so do not hesitate to start today.
Start managing your inventory today with the right pricing plan for you!
Single Plan
Individual / 1-month
Simple Management for Single User
1 user (individual)
100 products
3 locations
• Adding extra member, product, location unavailable
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Business Plan
Team / 1-month
Easy Management for your Team
10 members
2,000 products
10 locations
• Member: $5/month for extra 1 user
• Product: $10/month for every 1,000 products
• Location: $10/month for every 10 locations
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What’s the difference between Single Plan and Business Plan?
Does my teammate also have to pay?
Can I change my mode in the middle?
Does the number of products from the Pricing Plan’s accessibility mean the quantity?
What happens when I exceed the provided accessibility?
How do I add options to my plan?
Can I change from the Single Plan to the Business Plan?
What happens when the free trial is over?
What’s the payment method on BoxHero?
If I input my payment info during the trial period, do I get billed for the Business Plan right away?
I was billed for USD $1. Why?
How do I cancel my payment or request for a refund?
What happens if I cancel my paid subscription?
Can I still try the Business Plan 30-days free trial even if I start as a Single Plan?

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